The Broadfork and the Quick Fork, what are the differences?

Vegetable garden

Do you want to loosen the soil in your garden without back pain and arm strain? The Broadfork (also known as Grelinette) and the Quick Fork allow for quick and easy loosening of the soil in the garden. These two gardening tools are especially suitable for women and older gardeners. They are the right solution for anyone who likes to garden in harmony with nature. Are you interested in the differences between the Quick Fork and the Broadfork and how these tools are used in the garden?

The greatest advantages for the user

With the Quick Fork and the Broadfork (or Grelinette), the soil in the garden can be worked faster and with less effort. The soil is better prepared for seeding and planting. Women and older gardeners can thus also tackle heavy garden work, as less physical strength is needed and there is less strain on arms and spine.

These tools are back-friendly, as they allow for an ergonomic working posture and require less bending over.

The Quick Fork is first used in the spring
Heavy gardening work can also be easily done by women and older gardeners.

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The advantages of the Broadfork and the Quick Fork as tools for your garden

Since these two tools do not cut weed roots, weeds are not propagated through roots, resulting in less of them in your garden.

The soil, loosened and aerated two to three times a year, results in a more abundant and higher quality harvest. Organic matter is also better decomposed, as the soil is not turned over. By loosening, we also preserve the microorganisms.

There is less weed in the soil, which otherwise propagates through roots.

The advantage of the Quick Fork in loosening the soil in the garden

Working with the Quick Fork is 2 to 3 times faster than with a shovel or fork. The work is less strenuous and conserves your strength. Unlike the Broadfork (Grelinette), the Quick Fork is narrower and thus easier to handle. Since the tool does not need to be stepped into the ground with both feet, it is also much more stable during use.

The lower and upper tines of the tool allow you to loosen the soil very easily.

The Quick Fork also breaks up the soil with the upper tines, so much less work is required. The Broadfork (Grelinette) has shorter tines that process the soil more coarsely. Therefore, further treatment is necessary before sowing and planting.

How to work with the Broadfork / Grelinette and the Quick Fork?

The Broadfork (Grelinette) must be lifted and moved around in the garden, which is somewhat more difficult for older gardeners. It would be easier if this tool had wheels attached to the frame to make it easier to move.

Broadfork, also known as Grelinette.

The tool has two handles due to the larger working width, to distribute the force. Tines of different lengths allow for loosening the soil at different depths. The longer the tines, the more demanding and difficult the work.

The Quick Fork is not lifted, but simply pulled back slowly. Move the tool about 15 cm back each time. Thanks to the special foot part on the back, the tool is more stable. The working width of 30 cm allows for easy work with just one handle. If you follow the instructions for proper use of the product, you will quickly master this simple working technique.

We do not lift the Quick Fork; we just pull it back slowly.

Comparison of tools: Broadfork, Grelinette, Broadfork, and Quick Fork

By using the Quick Fork, the soil in the garden is prepared faster and easier for seeding and planting. The device has two types of tines: the lower tines for loosening the soil and upper tines that break larger clumps of earth into a fine structure. With the help of the Broadfork (Grelinette), we prepare the soil more coarsely. Then, additional work is required to prepare the soil for seeding and planting.

Broadfork, Grelinette, and other innovative tools available for purchase in Europe are good soil loosening products. The advantage of the Quick Fork is better stability during work, as we step on the wide working area with only one foot. The tool is more affordable than other innovative products we use for loosening the soil.

Despite the different names, all devices share a similar way of processing and loosening the soil.

We recommend exploring the benefits of the mentioned gardening tools and choosing the one that suits you best. The Quick Fork is a premium quality product available to you at a very good price.

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